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Our history

We would be nothing without our talented team of artists and our staff who ensure that each performance goes to perfection. Their work is always punctuated with passion. It is a pleasure to see this project come to fruition thanks to them.

You haven't bought your   tickets yet? Book today, places are limited. If you have any questions, don't hesitate !

Rock Band

The story

Passionate about rock music, through many festivals and concerts, we had the chance to make friends  Phil Campbell  ex- Motorhead   /  PCATBS   and   Scott Ian   ANTHRAX  who will become the official patron of the place in 2017*



Following this, the idea of collecting guitars that belonged to artists was born. Since that day, they have been exhibited in the window to honor these artists.

The concept of the "Guitar Rock Hall"  is to induct the most prestigious hardrock/metal bands and artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.          24 groups and artists are already represented, and the list is evolving.....

Come and share our passion and thus discover these magnificent guitars and their stories.



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